I was beyond hesitant to learn how to drive. 

Like, didn’t bother until second semester of undergrad hesitant. 

When I got my first car I may or may not have ran into the back of a truck, amongst other things. 

Then one day I decided I wanted something better, as I was no longer here for a body and a hood that didn’t match. 

I traded it in to the dealership, and got something else, and it most likely got resold. 

While I’m sure they did some cosmetic work, it doesn’t change my view of the car and my knowledge of its history..

The same applies to when we believe we’ve lost people. 

You can’t lose good people, unless you neglect them and/or at fault. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was 18/19 with a fresh license, so I was at fault…oh hey youth and inexperience. 

I can sit back and accept that there were things I could have went about better to prolong what I thought was the life of the car AND am more knowledgeable of how to proceed in the future. 

Whether anyone else wants to admit it or not, I can honestly say that I’ve found myself wondering who (or if) people are dating,but this morning I realized how futile that is. 

A new car to someone else is still used to you. 

You know how the engine cranks. 

How the air blows. 

So while it can be dressed up, initially, the true car will soon reveal itself. 

Whether you got rid of it or it died on you, understand that you know that car and it’s now someone else’s problem. 

Be advised though, while you can always get a new car, understand they’ll all eventually have problems, so either you’re willing to put in the work to maintain them or you’ll constantly have to trade them in. 


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