hashtag for fun 

My first year at college I was required to take a 101 course that basically outlined the necessary skills to be successful at the university and the like. 

I’m sure when men are born they too have to take one of these courses, which outline the specific questions they need to ask a woman in effort to express “interest,” as they ALL employ the same line of questioning 🙄. 

I am a pro at blowing people off as I know from jump whether or not I want to engage, so I never make it beyond two or three questions. 

“What do you like to do for fun?” 

I always say that I just work and make nothing of it. 

To which I’m typically asked do I drink or smoke or go out..again, I can determine within a few minutes whether or not I want to engage. 

But I’ve been thinking about what I actually like to do:

-try things I’ve seen on YouTube (hair maintenance, skincare, diy, jailbreaking firesticks..the possibilities are endless)

-explore Walmart during wee hours of the morning*

-try recipes that I’ve googled (trying this tonight 😋) 

-I like adventurous activities, but I never get around to doing them, so idk if that counts

Das all 🤔

I love learning new things about myself and trying out things, but I find that working inhibits one’s ability to experience oneself? 

Hashtag forever ti’ed. 

Who has the time? 

So here’s to exploring what EYE like to do AND making the time to enjoy those things! 

*Walmart high key is the worst. 

Forever having 40 people in line, one register open, 3 self-checkouts that only accepts cards whilst everyone on payroll observes the chaos. 

Like can we please get another 24-hour super center that prides itself on customer service because I’ve had enough. 😡


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