no thanks. 

Recently it was brought to my attention that I have low standards, in that I don’t see a point in engaging with or “talking to” multiple people at once. 

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I find that my standards are anything but low..

Either I like you or I don’t. 

While it took me some time to establish what I need and want in a partner, I am no longer willing to entertain anyone that doesn’t offer everything that I feel I’m warranted. 

What sense does it make to settle for certain qualities in one person, a couple in another and a few more in another? 

Furthermore, if you’re always entertaining multiple people, when is one alotted the time to evaluate anyone fairly? 

It just reeks of desperation and I want no part in it. 

Whether my standards are perceived as too high or too low, I won’t fall victim to the accessibility of “options.” 

Either you’ll get all of my attention or none of it. 



Can we stop letting insecure people tarnish our outlook on self-worth? 

Do NOT be deterred by people mistreating you, it’s indicative of issues they have with self & have no bearing on what you have to offer, let alone who you are as a person. 

While there’s this notion that people will change for the right person, it won’t be you. 

People have to change for themselves, so don’t tear yourself down trying to prove that you’ll be that one.  

Be receptive to people that have already come into themselves…supporting someone and healing them aren’t one in the same. 


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