Growing up, I was never open about things. I just wasn’t exposed to that type of behavior. 

Either way, over the years I’ve realized how beneficial sharing is.

Be it celebrating good things that occur or processing and working through the bad, expressing oneself is crucial. 

Yet nothing is more damning than wanting to share and not having people be receptive or people to go to in the first place.

I’m not here for either, so while I’ll appreciate the day others enthusiastically listen to all the happenings of my day and equally share theirs, I’m not going to let the lack of such inhibit me from expressing myself. 

That’s why people have substance abuse problems, but I digress. 

*insert an even more practical utilization of le blog 😎


I’ve been rather stressed about what’s to become of my life in the near future. 

I have intentions on going to graduate school, but nothing in me wants to take out additional loans.

 I’ve been applying to salaried jobs in effort to pay off my student loans prior to going back, yet all of them fell through.

On top of that, my lease is ending, so while applying to those jobs, I was hesistant to secure housing as I didn’t want to have to up and leave as all of the positions were out of the city where I live. 

I also applied to school as I couldn’t see myself just waiting tables, so waiting to hear back added to this struggle as well. 

Yet even if I were to get into school, I’d have to find somewhere to live that isn’t ridiculously priced in a few weeks.

It was all too much. I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. 

But today I went to an interview for a second job and was offered a salaried position, that I didn’t apply for, that offers growth based on one’s work ethic. Which would enable ya girl to pay off her student loans within a year’s time.

PLUS I also found an apartment that’s literally hundreds of dollars less than what I pay now & the lease is for a year.

It’s crazy how things seemingly don’t work out. 

Only pit of the day is that I apparently don’t have tail lights, but I’ll definitely take that in stride 🤗


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