issa mess

when I was growing up, it was food, mainly junk food of the little Debbie variety. 

when I grew up, I replaced her with the alcohol. 

now that I don’t have any vices, it’s a struggle. 

when “friends” only want to talk about love lives, or lack thereof, and parents extend a mere “pray about it,” where does one turn to?

it’s somehow taboo to acknowledge when one isn’t ok. 

girl I am stressed clean tf out. 

& it’s more stressful that I don’t have an adequate means of expressing which would ultimately lead to me figuring things out. 

people are always “busy” when real life happens to other people. 

I just need people in my life that care about me and my mental health. 

I’m literally stressed about the next stages in my life, and I have no outlet. 

I’m tired of people talking about getting lit and wanting to get married. 

other things occur, let’s talk about them. 


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