no time. 

Spent my Saturday night and a good bit of my day today watching the second season of The Real Housewives of Potomac (I feel no way about not having plans 🤷🏿‍♀️) 

Anyways, one of the women was married to this man, had a few kids, he cheated and they ultimately got divorced. 

Yet they still live together. Sleep in the same bed. She handles all of their affairs as if they are in fact still together, but they aren’t? 

She even once said he doesn’t like to talk about their relationship so she has to talk around it.

One of her friends on the show also mentioned that the ex-husband was seeing other people and the woman said she didn’t feel comfortable asking him if he were.

In what world?

Moreover, she would tell people they’re working on their relationship, yet after these “rumors” swirled, she felt the need to note they aren’t together?


This little scenario mirrored a situation I found myself in for some time. 

Again, I wasn’t schooled on how these matters work, but experience is the greatest teacher.

If a man isn’t assertive about how he feels about me AND the place I have in his life, none of my time shall be expended. 

I’m far too old.

In short, people can only do what you allow them to do, so hold people accountable. 

I’d rather be momentarily affected by the truth than live blindly..

I just love how everyone wants to have sex though. Not ready for anything but penetration. Can’t offer anything beyond 15 minutes, tsk tsk 

*continues to keep my goods to myself 💅🏿


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